Elite Technologies is driven to be the best in integrated technological support operations. We tailor to your business needs whether it's government, manufacturing, public, educational or a financial venue. Elite Technologies is your source for all your Technology Needs. Whether your needs are reactive, proactive, or predictive; Elite Technologies adds value providing Technological Support to supplement your current project. Elite Technologies can be there to let you focus on you core business. We offer innovative solutions to help enhance you performance. Elite Technologies will be your partner to sustain and improve your assets.


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  • Federal law requires automakers pay a dealer 1 percent of the value of a new car that is under recall to cover floorplanning, insurance, depreciation and other costs, but there is nothing similar for used vehicles in most states.

  • The infrastructure problem with hydrogen-powered cars amounts to more than just a shortage of stations.

  • CEO Matt Simoncini is leaving Lear in a healthy position -- flush with money to make acquisition deals if necessary, but for the moment, not needing to.